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According to the Map of Obligations to the Consumer, a seat reservation by phone is mandatory since 2003. “KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A.” was first in Greece to apply the option of telephone ticket reservations (1990).

You can reserve a ticket by phone:


  • 67, Monastiriou St. tel: 2310-500111, 2310-555777
  • Macedonia Station: 244, Giannitson St. tel: 2310-595421, 2310-595411


  • 100, Kifisou Ave. tel: 210-5150025, 210-5148856
  • Pedio Areos tel: 210-8225148

Reservation is free of charge.

In the case of delay or cancelation of your trip, you are requested to inform our staff by phone, so that your seat is given to another passenger.

You can select a seat (window, front, second level on double-decker buses) if possible. Our company staff will ensure for the best seat distribution.

You should be present and buy or request a reserved ticket at least a half hour before departure.

In rare cases of extreme booking demand (e.g. cases of public transport strikes) it is possible that no reservations are made because of frequently occurring “pointless” phone reservations, overbooking buses thus making difficult for other passengers to board.
The company reserves the right to pause all seat reservations for the benefit of its customers, making use of a long year experience in customer service.

We would like to inform you that all incoming calls are being recorded by our call center, to avoid any reservations of malicious intention.

No reservations can be made on local (within the prefecture of Thessaloniki) lines. A “first come, first served” policy is applied.

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